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About Smurf Valorant Account

Valorant is a video game that was developed and published by a popular California based gaming company Riot Games It is a tactical multiplayer shooting game mainly for Windows OS In October 2019 this game was teased with a codename Project A It was officially released on 2nd June 2020 This video game is almost like Counter Strike CSGO or PUBG with two teams including 5 members in each The players can sign in from anywhere across the globe and enjoy this shooting game The game contains 25 rounds in all out of which the team that wins the highest number of rounds will be the winner You as a player can choose the character as per your preference which is referred to as Agents Any player will start with a basic weapon or abilities Extra and advanced weapons or abilities can be purchased throug


Totally Secure

Listed Valorant accounts here are fully secure and verified from our end. No cheats or hack methods have been used to boost them up. Besides, we also provide a 10-day warranty period after you purchase any account from us where we offer refund or replacement.

Instant Delivery

Just after purchasing the account, you will receive all the details in your registered email address without any delay.

Customer Happiness

We mainly focus on customer satisfaction and to ensure that, a 24x7 support is there to fulfill all your queries or concerns.

Advantages of Buying Valorant Smurf Accounts

Valorant has become widely popular these days because it is free to play and also interesting just like the craze of other popular shooting games like PUBG or CSGO As players started to gain interest they try to reach the top positions on the leader board However it s not so easy to reach the highest ranks because of the high competition It takes plenty of time and various skills to reach the highest position by just playing more and more That is why you can just buy valorant account to easily reach the ranking as per your preference Let me tell you that it is completely legal and safe to buy and sell valorant accounts provided you follow the Riot Games legal terms You need to be much more careful during valorant account buy time because that particular account has been used and then sold


Categories of Valorant Accounts for Sale

Valorant Smurf accounts are available in different types because of the variety of purposes. Whatever your objective may be, you can get almost all types of Valorant Smurf Account from our store.


Below is the list of different types of valorant accounts that we provide:

1.Valorant Immortal account,

2.Valorant Diamond Account,

3.Valorant Platinum Account,

4.Valorant Gold Account,

5.Valorant Silver Account,

6.Valorant Bronze Account,

7.Valorant Iron Account, or

8.Valorant Ranked-Ready Account.


You can go with any of them and buy valorant accounts based on your preference and needs. The basic Valorant smurf accounts don’t offer skins. It’s because the people who sell basic Valorant accounts have not played many matches, thus they couldn’t acquire any skin. Our store also provides such high-tier valorant account with skins which you can buy if you want. They will be a bit more costly than the basic ones though.

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FAQs About Valorant Accounts

  • Is buying Valorant accounts worth it?
    • A: Purchasing Valorant Smurf accounts have become the new trend among Valorant players. Usually, the Valorant accounts cost from around 15$ to 100$. Earlier, during the Beta release, the price was higher because of the scarcity of those accounts. This has lowered down a lot because of higher availability these days. Buying valorant accounts will make you a ranked-ready player from the very start. Besides, there are other benefits as well like achieving high-quality weapons, skins that can help you to play much better. However, this entirely depends on your choice. Like, if you want to become a pro player by grinding from the start to the end and if you have that much time, then you can ignore the idea of buying Valorant accounts. But, mostly no one has that much time or energy to do so. Hence, buying Valorant accounts can be a better choice, and also they come with lifetime validity so you can consider it as a single-time investment.

  • Why should I buy Valorant Accounts?
    • A: Most players tend to buy valorant accounts to avoid the longer grinding process for clearing the levels and stepping up, getting various in-game weapons/skins without losing the collected coins, or finishing the placement matches. Also, every player has a dream to see their names in the highest position on the leaderboard. Valorant Accounts help you to achieve that quickly. You can also get to your preferred rank without a Valorant account. But, that can take a lot of time. This can ultimately take off your interest in playing the video game as more interesting games may show up shortly.

  • From where can I buy Valorant Accounts?
    • A: While purchasing a valorant account, people mainly search for cheaper and safe Valorant accounts. Our store considers both these factors and offers you such Valorant accounts that can enable you to best features and also hassle-free services. All the Valorant Accounts listed are tested and also a detailed verification process is done. There are Valorant accounts of different regions among which you can choose as you need. So, you can blindly buy valorant accounts from our store.

  • Is it possible to change the name in Valorant?
    • A: Yes, it’s possible to change your name in Valorant. Just follow the below steps to do so: • Close the game and then log in to the Riot official website. • After signing in, you need to navigate to the Riot ID tab and press the pen icon located next to the Valorant show name for editing it. • That will open up various choices in front of you to add a name and a hashtag. • Just enter the name and if it is available, then save it. After saving, you can open the game and the new name should reflect in Valorant.

  • After buying Valorant Smurf account, what will I get?
    • A: You will be provided with a username, password, and access to the registered email address after purchasing Valorant Smurf account.

  • Is there any way to surrender in Valorant?
    • A: Initially, there was no option to surrender in Valorant. But, now fortunately Valorant has introduced an option through which you can surrender an ongoing match if you feel that your team has no option left to win. For early surrender from a game, you can follow the below-mentioned steps: • Press the Enter key for opening the chat to call an early surrender. • In that chat, you have to write ‘/ff’, ‘/forfeit’, or ‘concede’ without the quotations. • There will be a voting option then, through which all the team players have to accept that decision or reject. They will type wither yes or no in the chat.

  • Why buy valorant accounts from here?
    • A: As mentioned, various types of valorant accounts are here and you can choose any of them as per your preferences. All those accounts have been reviewed and verified before listing, so you no longer need to worry about any cheats or hacks.


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