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Cancellation and Returns

Cancellation and Returns

Kindly check the terms and conditions page before going through our refunds and exchanges policy.

Purchasing or selling Valorant smurf accounts are against the terms of Riot Games. We provide a 10-day warranty period for all the accounts within which you can get a replacement or refund if Riot Games limits the access. Out of this period, no replacement or refund will be entertained.

If you order an account and after receiving it, you found that the rank is different from what has been told during buying, then before playing any games, contact us. The difference amount will be refunded to you or we may also replace the account. Ensure that this can only be done if you contact us within five days of purchasing the order and also no games in any mode have been played.

Delivery method/time:

After you pay the amount for any Valorant account, instant delivery is provided through your email address. The My Orders tab will also contain the information.

Refunds/Exchanges policy:

After taking an account, if you play any games, then no exchange or refund remains valid.

For account lock, you should contact us for retrieval of the account. It will be done within the three next working days.

1. Our company is not responsible if the end-user sells the account to anyone else.

2. No accounts are bought back once sold.

3. You must read all details about the product before purchase, any issues for wrong purchase will not be taken care of by us.

4. While doing the payment, you must be careful while using the PayPal account or cards. We are never responsible for any kind of unauthorized transactions.

5. Any wrong email addresses provided by the customer will not be our responsibility for not getting their valorant account details.

Please adhere to the above-mentioned conditions else your refund or replacement request will not be acknowledged by us.

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