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How can you play Jett agent in Valorant?




How can you play Jett agent in Valorant?

Valorant has gained immense popularity worldwide in the area of first-person shooting games. One of the famous, highly-picked, and powerful agents in Valorant is Jett who is a Korean Duelist. If you are eager to play aggressively, then the Jett agent can be an excellent choice for you. It can seem challenging initially but we have prepared this detailed guide that can help you to go through it.

Jett is a very agile agent in Valorant with a utility kit that enables the players to easily engage in fights and deal with those in a smart fashion. For achieving higher ranks and creating a position on the leaderboard, the Jett agent can be an ideal choice to make.

Enough of ado; let’s now focus on the abilities and how to play Jett agent. It will just take 2 minutes to read through the entire guide and get an awareness of the various tips to play this agent.

Abilities of Jett –

As mentioned in the first two lines, this agent is one of the highly-picked ones. It’s because, with Jett, players can dash to safety when stuck in a bad position. Besides, the passive ability of this agent can enable players to float in the air by pressing the jump button.

of the Jett’s abilities are mentioned below:

Cloudburst (200 Creds):

This ability of Jett allows her to throw a cloud of smoke in the required direction and it can also be controlled. This smoke is beneficial for blocking the vision but the lifetime of this smoke is only 4.5 seconds.

Updraft (150 Creds):

As the name implies, it allows Jett to launch high into the air and get her on platforms or boxes.

Tailwind (Free):

This is the signature ability of Jett which allows her to propel herself in the direction where she is moving. It can be recharged by players to get another one by performing two kills. This one is also known as the dash.

Blade Storm (7 points):

It is the ultimate ability of this powerful agent in Valorant. With this ability, the Valorant players will be equipped with a set of highly accurate knives that can be utilized in two different ways. By left-clicking, they can be thrown at long-range targets while right-clicking allows you to throw all the knives at once.

Tips and tricks to play Jett, agent –

In this section, we will highlight some of the best tips and tricks that beginners can follow to play the Jett agent in Valorant.

  • The ultimate ability of Jett with knives works accurately in the air too. Also, leverage the up drafting ability so that you can experience a better view.
  • You must also try to get some of the entry kills for your team. Utilize the smoke and dashing ability on a bomb site for creating proper space for your team.
  • The smoking ability can also be used to cover your teammates and get control over an area besides using it as an advantage.
  • While using the dash, take appropriate positions so that you can get out easily.
  • Equip shotguns while playing as Jett but try to make proper use of the dash ability for surprising your enemies.
  • The best maps to choose Jett in Valorant are Icebox, Breeze, Haven, and Ascent.

Hope this guide will help you to play as a Jett agent in Valorant. It’s important to give it a read and know all her abilities to take proper advantage and win the game. However, constant practice will make you more perfect in playing as a Jett agent.

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