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How Does Valorant Ranked Work?




How Does Valorant Ranked Work?

If you are a first-person shooting game lover, then you must start exploring the Valorant ranked mode. With regular upgrades by Riot Games, this game has created a new horizon for the players related to whatever they need.

However, most players don’t know how Valorant ranked works. Several marketplaces are there offering Valorant accounts for sale and you can buy one as per your choice to reach the ranked mode directly. But, first, it is important to know the working mechanism of Valorant ranked.

Here, we will discuss how Valorant Ranked works, so stay tuned do!

Pre-requisites to enter ranked mode:

You can’t start playing the competitive modes directly as there are 10 unrated levels that you need to cross. However, if you have played similar FPS games earlier, then you can save your time by buying cheap Valorant accounts where those unrated levels are already completed.

Once those unrated levels are completed, you need to complete five placement matches through which your rank will be decided. These will be considered even if you lose those placement matches but your rank will be affected.

Your performance in the unrated levels and the placement matches will be taken into consideration for the game to decide your initial rank. Besides, hidden matchmaking rating also contributes to your rank.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR):

Similar to the other competitive games, Valorant also uses a matchmaking rating system. The players’ in-game performance over time is considered and they will be assigned with a number. This MMR is hidden and players can’t see them.

For increasing the MMR, players need to be consistent and win most matches. This rating doesn’t directly correlate with the rank but players need to track their progress via the Ranked Rating (RR) system.

The MMR can be sometimes greater or lesser than their rank. In those cases, the game will adjust accordingly by deducting more raked rating when they lose or providing them less when they win.

Ranked Rating (RR):

As a player to track progress, the Ranked Rating system is there introduced in Episode Two, Act one. This is clearly shown to the players now through which they can easily understand their current position. The RR is assigned to the players based on their wins, losses, and performance in a match.

It’s worth noting that individual performance is considered for Ranked Rating than the overall team performance. One rank implies 100 RR points and demotion or promotion of the players depends on this. In lower ranks, players can achieve higher ranks by playing well and dominating their opponents.

However, the MMR will be decided based on their performance with the players that have the same skills.


This game has eight ranks or divisions in total with each rank holding three tiers. The ranks are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant.

Ranked decays:

If you haven’t played Valorant for a longer duration, then you must complete a placement match to get back your rank. So, the rank decay feature is not there in Valorant directly but your new rank will be decided on your performance in this placement match. The same process applies to any new acts too.

Therefore, this is the entire process of how Valorant Ranked works. Hope that you have found it quite interesting and helpful. Thanks!

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