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How to Play Against Every Valorant Agent?




How to Play Against Every Valorant Agent?

Valorant has a lot of agents and you must know their abilities and skills to play against them. Though knowing that is easier, still reaching that stage and knowing the right strategies can be a bit hectic.

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In this guide, we will discuss the various ways how to play against every Valorant agent. Let’s get started!

Breach –

In Valorant, one of the best entry fraggers is Breach. The blind of Breach is a bit better than Phoenix’s curveball, thereby tricking the hidden players in the corners.

For playing against Breach, you need to play smart and also in an aggressive manner. Breach usually executes his combo near the entry points. Hence, the best strategy is to perform some jiggle peeks while playing against him. This can enable you to catch him off guard and confirm his kill.

The weakness of Breach is his lackluster ultimate which is a bit difficult to use and situational too.

Jett –

The agent that has the highest mobility in Valorant is Jett. It can go through the unusual map angles by the updraft and can also flank by jumping through the walls.

To play against Jett, you need to start aiming at boost spots. The weakness of Jett is her utility as it is a bit lower than the other agents. She also possesses the ability to block sight with cloudbursts but it is slightly lesser than the Brimstone’s smokes.

While engagements, her dashes, and updrafts can also be a disadvantage since her gun is shreaded off for a moment. Thus, you must focus on aim repositioning while Jett uses updrafts as she can dash in front of you too.

Brimstone –

In Valorant, one of the easiest agents to use is Brimstone which has the ability of precision smokes, thereby providing great value to the team. The most important strategies you can follow in the team include covering the entryways and blocking the line of sight.

You need to stay patient and vigilant while playing with Brimstone. This implies that there involves a lot of mind games. You can push through the Brimstone’s smokes to flank the opponent team but it can be a bit risky too.

Keep yourself aware of the situation and take that pushing advantage when some engagements are occurring in other places.

Cypher –

This is another interesting Valorant agent who is a master of information gathering and with the help of his cages and wires, he can hold off multiple entry points.

One of the important strategies that you can follow while playing against Cypher is to destroy the wires. The wires are visible while you are near to them and those are generally at narrow entry points. Once those wires get activated, you will be revealed, thus try to destroy them as soon as possible.

Also, never panic while playing with Cypher because you can always get caught and revealed by Cypher. Just employ the strategy of using his information against him. The weakness of Cypher is the attacking ability because the cage is very much situational during the attacking phase.

Omen –

In most situations, Omen is used as a flanker. The ability of Omen includes covering the line of sight along with teleport through which he can weave through the corners and reach the middle position of the enemy team.

You must keep yourself aware of the short teleports. Also, keep in mind to check whether the surrounding high grounds are there for his teleportation. Also, while he uses his abilities, audio is played that offers you enough time to stick to a wall and catch an angle.

You should use Omen’s weakness which is that his teleportation is easily predictable. So, learn the process of how Omen uses his ability to teleport anywhere.

Phoenix –

Another versatile Valorant agent is Phoenix with the exceptional ability to blind enemies. He also features the capability to heal himself by standing on the top of his fire and the ultimate ability offers a second life to him.

You can expect Phoenix to come out when he uses his curveball. Although the range is short, there is a small window for starting pre-firing. His weakness is that he is predictable once he shouts to use his ultimate. Also, after using the ultimate, he loses his shields which are also a disadvantage.

Raze –

Raze is such a Valorant agent that has little to no utility and she doesn’t synergize as much as other agents do. Despite that, her ultimate is one of the strongest that guarantees a kill if used.

To play against Raze, you should level the playing field. Raze generally forces you to engage while the boom bot is out that opens up two choices for you. You can duel with Raze by ignoring the bot or finish off the bot before engaging with Raze. It’s better to go with the first option as per our suggestion.

Reyna –

Another entry fragger in Valorant is Reyna who uses Leer to advance and occupy certain game positions. Her strong kit enables her to get consecutive kills and her ultimate boosts the damage output.

So, the most promising way to fight against Reyna is through communication. Thereby, you may need to engage a partner so that they can exchange frags with her which will reduce her ability to use the self-sustaining heals.

Her weakness is that she has very little to no utility limiting her synergizing power with other agents in the team.

Sage –

Another most powerful Valorant agent is Sage with her resurrecting ability which is her ultimate power. For dealing with her, you must keep yourself aware of the map and continuously track it so that if you find someone has fallen, they can be easily resurrected.

Hence, perfect map awareness and knowledge are essential to deal with Sage.

Sova –

This is such a Valorant agent whose ability is measured by information gathering capability. The recon bolt of Sova is large enough that can cover an entire site.

You need to learn to avoid detection to play against Sova. For that, you can always play around with the recon bolts by avoiding the landing of the bolts’ line of sight. Once the recon bolts land on a surface, they can be destroyed too.

Try to avoid detection because that can also prevent Sova from efficiently using her ultimate ability. His weakness is that the detection is much easier while he uses the abilities.

Viper –

One of the best abilities of Viper is the Toxic Screen that blocks the line of sight. Moreover, she also possesses the ability to control more than one area which can be a difficult one to deal with.

Try to force out her utilities to deal with her. Being an attacker, pushing through the site is a bit hard when her abilities are still up. So, force her to use those abilities in only certain positions on the map and try to re-engage.

If you are on the defensive side, you should avoid holding angles that her wall covers.

Final Thoughts…

Although there are a lot of Valorant agents, we have outlined the best agents and how to fight against them. Hope that you have found this article quite interesting and helpful.

All the Valorant agents have their unique abilities and so it is important to be a good team player in Valorant. As Valorant is a team game, your team’s communication should be good enough and effective mechanical skills.

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