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How To Play Valorant?




How To Play Valorant?

If you are looking to find an action packed, shooting game then there is none better than playing valorant. Valorant is one of the best games in the first-person shooting games available for gamers, however, many who are new or looking to enter valorant often find it difficult to play, and hence we would help all our readers by guiding them on how to play Valorant.

One of the best things about valorant is it doesn’t remain one-dimensional in its gameplay with constantly evolving maps and upgrades making the game more and more interesting but at the same time, its complexity increases, and hence our readers would need this guide to learn How to play valorant. 

Valorant Gameplay: A beginner’s Guide to Play Valorant

The first step you need to take towards playing valorant is to download the game and install it. It is simple as one needs to browse to the official Valorant website and click on the Play now button to start downloading the game and once you are done simply install the game and make a Riots Game Id for registration.

The gameplay of Valorant is very similar to that of CS: GO and hence if any of the counter-strike gamers reading this will find grasping the game easier. The game involves playing with a team of 5 players each and the requirement for winning the game is simply to win 13 rounds by killing and decimating the enemy team.

Each member of the team gets one life per round and hence tries to maximize their destruction in the enemy camp before getting killed.

Each battle involves attacker and defender rounds which keep changing during the match. The game might make you feel a bit slow compared to other games like Overwatch and Apex Legends, but the strategic and tactical gameplay involved makes it interesting to play.

One of the best features of valorant is that it allows its agents to have special abilities and weaknesses which makes the battle interesting as you can form strategies around using your own agents’ abilities or exploiting the enemy agent’s weaknesses.

Who Are The Valorant Agents?

There are as many as 18 agents or characters with different abilities, weaknesses, and strengths and hence before you start playing valorant you must be aware of the agents of valorant.

Hence we will provide you the list of all valorant agents

  • SAGE:
  • SOVA:
  • VIPER:
  • REYNA:
  • OMEN:
  • JETT:
  • RAZE:
  • SKYE:
  • YORU:
  • ASTRA:
  • KAYO:
  • NEON:
  • FADE:

Final Words…

As we begin the conclusion, or our article focused on How to play valorant we believe we have provided you with the perfect guide to learn playing this great game.

However leveling up in Valorant is not an easy task and hence one can always look to buy a valorant account by paying money, North America Valorant accounts are particularly famous for being available at a low price compared to other regions.

We hope you had a great time reading about how to play valorant and will be ready to unleash your skills now.

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