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Know About The Next Agent “FADE” in Valorant




Know About The Next Agent “FADE” in Valorant

Well, we are here to announce your wait for a new agent in valorant is finally over. As it has released the much-awaited next agent the FADE.

First of all a warm welcome to all our readers looking to know about the next agent “FADE” in valorant and we assure you are at the right place to know it all.

So brace up as we take you through the ferocious ride about the new character FADE in the Valorant gameplay.

Let’s First Learn About Valorant

I know most of our readers are pro players of the game Valorant but let’s not be mean to the newbies. So introducing the game to newcomers Valorant is an online shooting-based game that was first built up by the company Riot Games.

It is mostly an online shooting game but with the added flavor of new characters, you get to play in the game namely the agents.

And the reason you are here is to read more about the newest agent in the town, Agent FADE in valorant.

What So New About Agent “FADE”

The new agent “FADE” has been already released on April 22 through a new update patch 4.08 so if you have not downloaded the new patch we recommend doing so ASAP once you finish reading this article.

As explained by the developers the main reason for bringing a new agent was to give competition to the earlier boss agent i.e. agent Sova. The developers thus created a new agent with similar strengths as that of Sova to end the monopoly of agent Sova character on reconnaissance in VALORANT

Character Overview: The FADE agent is a Turkish-born bounty hunter and is characterized to instill fear in the minds as it’s a ferocious and ruthless character in Valorant gameplay and a true

Special Abilities: The Sova agent has 4 special abilities

Prowler: Is a type of weapon that once taken by FADE can be used to chase down its enemy to death

Seize: This ability allows the FADE agent to create a knot and capture its nearby enemies, once captured the enemy is defeated and decays in a matter of time

Haunt: It allows agent FADE to reveal all enemies within the line of sight of fire.

Nightfall: It’s another special power that helps the FADE agent to kill multiple enemies at one fire or shot. 

To unleash the nightmares of agent FADE on your enemies you need to download the patch or if you are a new user you can either create or buy a valorant account as there are many people who wish to sell valorant smurf accounts of higher rank.

So are you ready to bring on the fury of agent FADE against your enemies?

Finally, you have completed knowing all about the new agent “FADE” in valorant. So what are you waiting for? Just download the game or patch install it and make your first kill with the new character.

Hopefully, you had a nice time reading the article, however, as a caution we would like to warn our readers to not buy valorant smurf accounts in valorant as it may lead to you being blacklisted from playing it again on account of cheating.

Finally, we would first like to thank all our readers to read this article.

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