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This is an agreement that you need to acknowledge since you need to follow all the terms and conditions mentioned here. Please go through these terms and conditions before taking our service. Once you accept them, it means that you are content with the product that you are purchasing and will not hold us responsible for any discrepancies in the future.


Please note that the major words mentioned below used in this agreement have the following definitions:

1. Country signifies the North America, Europe & South East Asia.

2. Company/We/Us/Our signifies

3. Device implies a laptop, computer, mobile phone, tablet where you will use the Service.

4. Order implies any purchase order placed by you from our store.

5. Price signifies the amount you need to pay for purchasing a service from us.

6. Service/Product implies Valorant accounts.

7. Website implies

8. You imply the person taking any service from us.


The terms and conditions specified here are an agreement between you and us. So you need to acknowledge them for using or accessing our service.

If you are not ready to acknowledge any terms and conditions mentioned here, please refrain from using our service. All the conditions are specified in our Privacy policy, so please go through it before using any service.

The Privacy Policy contains all the information, policies, and procedures of our company, the use of your personal information while accessing the application, and other privacy rights.

Terms of Service:

We are an e-Commerce website offering you various types of Valorant Smurf Accounts. However, buying and selling of these accounts are against Riot Games’ terms of Services. So, you must be aware of the risk involved before purchasing the account.

By any chance, if Riot Games limits, then we will replace or refund within 10 days of the warranty period. Once it crosses these 10 days, we are not responsible for any replacement or refund. There is no affiliate provided with Riot Games by us.

1.Correct information should be provided while buying an account. If there are any discrepancies in the rank and you haven’t played any games with that account, then we will repay the extra amount, if any.

2. Some of our services may have some third-party links but those are not controlled by us. So, you must follow the terms and conditions of those companies while using those links. We are not responsible for any problem with those services.

3. We will terminate access immediately once you breach any of the policies or conditions without any notice.

4. The laws of the country will govern all these terms and conditions while you use the service. Besides, other local, state, national or international laws may also be subjected.

5. For any concerns, you should always try to contact us and resolve them informally.

6. For European users, the mandatory provisions of the resident country’s law can benefit you.

7. You should also be not a resident of any country that has been prohibited by the United States government or has been listed as a ‘terrorist supporting’ country.

8. There can be changes to the terms and conditions specified here. But, we will provide you a notice at least 30 days prior to the change so that you become aware. After the change takes place, you must acknowledge those new terms and conditions for enjoying our services.


Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions:

Email:, or Visit the Contact us page on our website.

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