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The Best Valorant Maps (Ranked 1st to 7th)




The Best Valorant Maps (Ranked 1st to 7th)

Valorant has been one of the top first shooter online games being played all over the Globe. So here we are with the periodic dose of information about your favorite game you just never stop playing. You must have bought valorant smurf accounts which are sold at a high cost, but what next how to play the game so for all valorantsmurfs, we bring to you the best valorant maps ranked from 1st to 7th. So don’t go anywhere and keep reading this article to know all about the top 7 maps you get to play in your valorant smurf accounts.

Top 7 Maps: Explore Valorant

One of the best things about playing valorant is that one can never get bored playing it as Valorant always keeps coming with new additions to the game in the form of new characters, new missions, and new maps.

Ideally, I would have recommended playing and exploring the maps to find the best but if you are a player having less time and just enjoy valorant we have prepared the top 7 maps available in Valorant.

  • Ascent: It is the best map to play in valorant, coincidently it’s also the first one ever designed in valorant. The map’s best features are its simplicity but balanced attack and defense mechanisms
  • Bind: It’s one of the first original maps of Valorant and has the unique feature of having no middle area. It’s a map known to be used by defenders well as 53% of battles on this map are won by defenders.
  • Haven: It is one of the top maps of valorant with 3 sites or locations, due to width of this map makes defending difficult as it allows attackers to outnumber defenders in crucial stages of a battle
  • Icebox: It’s a map that is the first to have horizontal zip lines.
  • Breeze: It is another map that is widely used by valorant players and is the largest and widest map to feature in valorant gameplay.  The map is well balanced and provides great gameplay.
  • Split: It’s a map favoring defenders and has ropes present in the gameplay. The developers twice upgraded the map to balance it but still remains a more defender favoring map.
  • Fracture Map: Its one of the most recently developed maps and is least explored by gamers so we recommend one to try to play this as it has fabulous gameplay as it has a perfect balance for both attackers and defenders and has a unique specialty that allows attackers to attack from both sides of the map. 

I hope our readers thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and would be eager to try out the new maps in Valorant, but we must insist that be with us and complete the finale of this article as we recap key points on must not miss.

Valorant has been one of the games of ages and is played across the globe as players go crazy buying valorant smurf accounts, Valorantsmurfs are taking this game to a new level, and hence one must know all the maps and make the most of their valorant smurf accounts.

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